Member Spotlight


Shane Goodman

How long have you lived in Oconee County?
6 years

What is your nick name?

How long have you been on the department?
4 years

What station are you assigned to?
Station 4

Why did you join?
It has been something I’ve always wanted to do. When I saw the opportunity here in our volunteer department I decided to join.
What is the most benefit you’ve received from your service with OCFR?
Helping people has allowed me to meet new people in our community. Not being from here the department has lead me to meeting many Oconee county citizens.

What do you do for a living?
Georgia Power Engineer representative for Oconee county.

What is your most memorable experience with the department?
The horse barn fire was a traumatic experience but I enjoyed trying to help save the animals. Graduating from the recruit school and running my first call was a great experience. I realized that I could put the skills I learned to good use. On my first fire call we were able to save several apartment units from fire damage because we were able to apply what we had learned in recruit school.

What is the most common question you are asked by the general public?
How much do you get paid? I always tell them we are all volunteer and it’s great to be able to explain that we are able to help your neighbor in a time of need. It’s the main reason I enjoy volunteering.

Where would you like to see the fire department in 5 years?
I would like to see It continue to grow but we have to work on promoting volunteers. I’d like to see more stations. It’s great to see the county support us with the best equipment and staff. As long as that continues we will continue to be successful as a department.

Do you have any funny stories about your experience with the fire / first responders?
The day that I got my nickname but we won’t share the details here.

Can you give an example of a time when our service was important to a community member(s)?
My neighbor was an elderly lady and one evening she fell and broke her hip and I was able to respond quickly. She was really appreciative and glad to see me.

What is your favorite part of being on a department?
Training nights on Thursday’s is always great. Getting together to do training and the camaraderie with my fellow members. I also really like the fall festival. It’s always great to be out among my friends in the community.

Do you have hobbies?
I have 4 kids and they are my hobbies, I take them hunting , fishing, to ball games etc.